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Januari 11, 2020

Jokowi Wants To Close Copra Exports, Will Be Processed By Himself For Airplane Fuel


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ARB INdonesia – President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo (Jokowi) wants to close the export of several commodities in Indonesia, one of which is copra export. Because according to him, copra can be processed into a substitute for Aviation Turbine (Avtur) fuel.

Avtur is a type of aviation fuel that is designed to be used on airplanes powered by gas turbines. Copra is dried coconut meat, this commodity is exported to several countries such as India, Thailand and the Philippines.

“Coconut oil copra can become Avtur. This research is almost complete, “said Jokowi in the 47th PDI Perjuangan anniversary event at JIExpo in Jakarta, Friday (10/1/2020).

The President of the Republic of Indonesia said, If the results of the research had already come out, he wanted to replace all aircraft fuel with copra owned by farmers in the country.

“This step is aimed at realizing a self-reliant Indonesia in the economic field, such as the message of Indonesia’s first President Sukarno. We will be independent and do it ourselves,” Jokowi said.

Besides copra, Jokowi also plans to close exports of several commodities such as bauxite and coal.

“However, the closing of the export tap will be carried out in stages,” he added.

As is known, Referring to, Indonesia is the largest volume of coconut producer in the world. Indonesia is capable of producing 19 million tons of coconut in 2018, while the Philippines and India produce 14 million and 12 million tons respectively.

In addition, Indonesia is also the world’s largest coconut exporter. In 2018, Indonesia exported 290 thousand tons or 52% of the total coconut exports.

On one hand, Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi said, the government was studying ways to balance Avtur prices so that plane ticket fares would be more affordable, especially before Christmas and the New Year 2020. Moreover, avtur prices in eastern and western Indonesia were different.

“Avtur causes 40% increase in ticket prices. Therefore, Avtur prices will be looked for a way out by balancing (rebalancing) prices,” said Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi at the end of last year (2/12/2019).

Based on Pertamina’s data in February 2019, the price of aviation fuel in eastern Indonesia averaged over Rp 10,000 per liter. Even the price of aviation fuel for Deo Airport (Sorong), Papua for Jet A-1 types reached Rp 11,080 per liter (77.4 US cents per liter).

The price is 34.9% higher than the price of Avtur at Soekarno Hatta Airport (Jakarta) Rp 8,210 / liter.

The following is a chart of Databoks related to avtur prices in Eastern Indonesia:


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