Juni 20, 2024

Student from Inhil Wins Anhui University International Essay Competition


ARB INdonesia, CHINA – One of the students from Tembilahan, Indragiri Hilir Regency, Riau Province made an achievement, Fauzan Aziz Maulana made Indonesia proud in the world of education.

The student who is currently pursuing a master’s degree at a campus in China, in Anhui Province, Hefei City, born in 1992, won an essay in Chinese.

This essay writing competition was participated by more than 100 international students from various countries, with the theme “可爱的中国”/the “Beautiful China” environment.

“I was very surprised to receive the news that I was chosen as one of the winners in writing this essay,” said Fauzan, Friday (12/1/2022).

Fauzan, who is also the Deputy Chair of the World Indonesian Student Association (PPI Dunia) Asia Oceania, said that the writings he sent to the committee were assessed and evaluated through a rigorous screening by expert judges and academics.

“At first I wasn’t sure I could get into the winning rankings, but Alhamdulillah, because of hard work, nothing is impossible,” said Fauzan who is also Deputy Chairman of the Batch 2 Lemhanas Alumni.

Fauzan admitted that he received encouragement and support from a lecturer (Laoshi) who teaches at his campus, which motivated and convinced him to take part in the writing competition.

“I am serious about writing until I win,” he said happily.

Finally, Fauzan revealed that there were two students from Indonesia who became champions. He felt proud to represent Indonesia where other students from other countries.

“I am very proud of the results I got because if I see there are only 2 Indonesians who have won the competition,” he explained.

Fauzan who is also the General Chair of Inhil’s Overseas Students, hopes that more Inhil’s sons and daughters can continue their studies abroad and can contribute in the future to Indonesia and their hometown. ***