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Maret 3, 2020

Small Society Allegedly Criminalized for Covering Corporate Crimes, said Inhil Police Chief


ARB INdonesia, INDRAGIRI HILIR – Forest and land fires are the attention of the national government even to the international level. For that matter, all law enforcers are instructed to follow up on environmental crimes of land burning.

Forest and land fires in the Land of the World Coconut Expansion finally dragged small farmers on behalf of Kamarek who is 60 years old. At the age of his weapon, he was dragged into the law until he was sentenced to 6 years in prison with a fine of 3 billion.

For this matter, the Kamarek Care Movement (GEMPAR) held a demonstration in front of the Tembilahan District Court office, Indragiri Hilir Regency (Inhil) – Riau, Thursday (2/27/2020).

With hundreds of presentations present at the time, the action period demanded that Kamarek be immediately released. Because according to the assessment of the mass action the Tembilahan District Court decision was judged to be legally flawed.

This was proven by the statement of three witnesses presented by the Public Prosecutor at the hearing that testified that the one who burned the land was not Kamarek, and Kamarek was not the owner of the land, but he was only a worker as H Pewa’s subordinate.

“But why was the chamber arrested. This is a form of criminalization of farmers who are weak communities,” said the Gempar Korlap, Anawawik when giving speeches in front of the Tembilahan District Court Office.

He also said, to this day none of the corporations or companies operating in Inhil have been accused and convicted of alleged land burning.

“Today, a small community is being celebrated, while Grandfather Kamarek is in the company environment. Why isn’t the company being dealt with,” Anawawik said.

Responding to this, Inhil Police Chief AKBP Indra Duaman Siahaan when asked about the alleged small community that was criminalized to cover up corporate environmental crime.

AKBP Indra Duaman Siahaan brushed aside this. Because so far from the results of investigations conducted by the police in several Criminal Event Places (TKP) that occurred, no corporate land has been found on fire.

“Oh, it’s not there, so far from the several crime scenes we went to and we conducted an investigation there, there are indeed suspects there are still people. For corporate land that was burned there has not been covered,” Said the Police Chief when interviewed after Gempar held a peaceful protest on Thursday (27 / 2/2020). (Arb)

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