Desember 6, 2023

Mystical Story of King Bujang the Solop Coast Guard


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ARB INdonesia, INDRAGIRI HILIR – RIAU – The sun has set, nature is getting darker, making view increasingly limited. At that time, there was only the sound of small waves rolling from the sea.

Hardly any more sea transportation passing by. The more the night, the more the breeze brought the atmosphere to silence.

But suddenly, “Buzssss” sound of the waves hit the lips of the pride of Solop Beach in Indragiri Hilir (Inhil) -Riau Regency, precisely in Pulau Cawan Village, Mandah District.

Quite mysteriously, there were no ships and not even a storm. Little by little, the big waves carried sand-shaped sand to the sides of the mangrove roots.

“If nothing else (sea vehicle, red) means yes, the waves from Raja Bujang Ship,” said Rian (34), a resident of Igal Subdistrict Mandah to, Sunday (1/12/2019) on Solop Beach.

Then, along with the waves, the appearance of fish on the surface of the water is believed to be one other sign. In fact, it is possible he said sitter litter clamshell into the beach as a result of the cascading of these mysterious waves.

“Sometimes there seems to be a faint ship, now that’s the King Bujang Ship sailing,” added the man who always crosses the waters of the Island of the Grail.

Believe it or not, the local people continue to believe, stories passed down from generation to generation about the existence of Raja Bujang do exist.

They also believed that Raja Bujang still assumed the throne of the authority of Alam Bunian in Solop Beach Ecotourism, Cawan Island. Includes Mangrove Forest in it.

Awang (58), a resident of Cawan Island also said the same thing. In fact, according to him, the figure of King Bujang himself can sometimes be seen by the naked eye, especially for those mentally weak.

“If you have never been here, say hello aje. Good intentions will not be disturbed die,” he said Malay.

Since ancient times, continued Awang, the King Bujang is actually already present in the Cawan Island region, of course when the condition of the island is still full of wilderness.

But so far, security from mystical things rarely occur in the local community and visitors. Except for those who make certain mistakes.

“The important thing is adage dijage. Do not challenge him (King Bujang), fever later,” he said ending the conversation. (arb/rl)